Friday, June 13, 2008

I have neglected this blog ...

... I have neglected this little blog lately and I resolve to do better.

The theology of the Restored gospel is so beautiful and the lifestyle it advocates is so intuitively attractive, at least to one not blinded by lusts and addictions! Even such a one, though enslaved, though sunk in a pit, will often still sense the higher way of living that the Restored gospel offers and long for it -- but, wrongfully, think it to be out of their reach.

It is amazing how in a few simple, almost casual words my grandmother relates in her 1975 journal, that my parents were preparing to join the Mormon church. In truth, a seismic change was taking place in their lives, a rebirth.

Difficult habits had to be given up. The Sabbath became a different kind of day. Callings of service were offered and accepted.

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