Friday, May 14, 2010


It is wonderful to be home visiting my family in Wash. for a few days. Dad took me along on a missionary split last night. We visited a young couple where the husband has recently been reactivated and his wife will soon be baptized.

It was a sweet, peaceful feeling in that home, in spite of some "youth minister's" attempts to poison her against the church with a list he sent to her of the usual, stale, tired, long-ago refuted anti-Mormon nonsense.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ -- the same Gospel that Paul and the other apostles preached, that came to them from Christ and the angels of heaven, not some new gospel -- is pure, sweet and exhilarating. By it we know what the Bible means when it says that when Christ comes, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. By it we know what the apostle meant when he confirmed that we are the offspring of God. By it we know that God works today in the same way that He always has, through prophets and living revelation.


Aaron Shafovaloff said...

Do you believe that God the Father was once perhaps a sinner before he became a God, or that sinners can become Gods worshiped and prayed to by billions of their own spirit children?

Clifford said...

I believe that whatever may have been considered or speculated upon about the subject, by anyone, what is doctrine for the Latter-Day Saints, is that and only that which is bound between the covers of the scriptures.

And that would be that to our understanding, God is God, God is always God and that He is eternal, omniscient and perfect. We are His children, and we can become like Him, as the Bible says; we can be made perfect through the grace of Christ, no more to be called sinners.

There will be more doctrine revealed to us as we become prepared to understand it.