Sunday, January 13, 2008

The emotions of God

Jesus wept.

So the scriptures say. But He was both man and God.

Does the Father weep?

The scriptures speak often of the anger of God.

And the Prologue to the Quran of Islam also speaks of the poor souls who have "earned the anger" of God.

Is this anger of the same type that we feel when confronted with injustices? If so, it almost seems that God Himself would be the most miserable of beings, cognizant of billions of daily injustices against His children all over the world.

Or is this anger simply a human way of attempting to describe the actions of God when confronted by sin? Man sins, God punishes according to divine law, impartially, like a courtroom judge, without emotional involvement.

Is God without passions, as the creeds of historic Christianity declare? Could such a God, though, truly love His children? Could I run to such a God when I reach heaven, and throw my arms around Him, as He throws His arms around me, and love Him and be loved by Him?

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