Sunday, January 10, 2010

Council in Heaven

Unique to the Restoration understanding of the Plan of God is that we, His children, were there! We were those "morning stars" that sang with joy at the day of Creation, as Job wrote. And we were there when our Savior accepted His Father's will to fulfil His role in the Plan.

About the other guy... Satan, the "old dragon" of Revelations 12, never presented a viable alternative in the Premortal Council. We must be clear in our understanding of that. He was not a valid candidate. He was an unauthorized write-in, of sorts, and what he suggested was not a plan but a mutiny.


Nathan said...

Mutiny does seem a much better word, though I've never heard it used before.

It fits.

Clifford said...

Thank you, Nathan. I was struggling today as I was listening in Sunday School, trying to think of the right word for what we were talking about.

I just don't think we should dignify Satan's rebellion by using the same word for it as we use for the Savior's beautiful acceptance of the Father's will, the Great Plan of Salvation made possible through the Atonement.

It was no plan, it was a dead end and certainly the all-wise Father didn't entertain it as a possibility in any way, shape or form.

Of course, we had the agency to go with the plan of the Father or to join the rebellion of the adversary.

It was a matter of faith for us, that Christ would prevail.